Inside the Box

May 22, 2012

As you all know we are focusing on the two octave Miselu neiro right now, but have actually built a prototype with three octaves. We showed it at SXSW next to the neiro and — among others — Engadget covered it.

Since it was an early build, most parts were stored in a separate box and today we are opening that box to give you a peek at what was inside. We aren’t going to go into detail as to what you see here, but want to point out that this was an early — yet fully functional — prototype, without our custom boards. You might be able to spot some familiar items in here.

The box might look messy, but we love it and it will forever be part of Miselu’s history as it traveled with us to Japan, Las Vegas, New York, Texas and Hollywood to help us demo to investors, partners and artists.

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