One week to go

July 31, 2013

Only one week to go. The time flew by so quickly, in just seven days our Kickstarter campaign will come to an end. Let us give you a quick update about what has been going on at Miselu HQ…

Although the classic black and white key version will be the one going into production we are still exploring other color options, testing various materials and textures. We are striving to find the best fit for manufacturing and performance. The all black metal key prototype pictured above is the newest addition to the work bench.

We are starting to release parts for manufacturing evaluation to our partner vendors. The next step will be stress testing to finalize materials and move closer to production.

Our Bluetooth Low Energy application for iOS is coming along well. We have started working on iOS 7 compatibility to make sure we are in good shape for Apple’s new mobile OS which is slated for this Fall.

The Kickstarter campaign has been incredible fun so far and we are grateful for all the support, comments and feedback.


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