Sound of San Francisco – At Sightglass with Miki

December 25, 2014

Miki is one of the smartest girl from Japan who was studying in UC Berkeley for three months. On the day when she was going back to Japan, we did our favorite things. Having a coffee and playing music. We went to Sightglass in Mission district in San Francisco, and hanging out on the bench in front of the shop. It was such a beautiful morning and very relaxing. She played very pretty and minimalistic piano piece like Philip Glass with a flavorful smell of one of the best coffee in the city.

美紀は3ヶ月UC Berkeleyで学んでいた最もスマートな女の子の一人。彼女が日本に帰国する日、僕たちはMission地区にある僕らのお気に入りのSightglassでコーヒーを飲むことになった。コーヒーショップの前のベンチは心地よく、日差しはキラキラと美しい。美紀はそんな居心地を映し出すかのようにC.24を取り出し、Philip Glassのような美しい感覚でミニマルなピアノピースを弾き始めた。作品を引き立てたのはこの街で一番のコーヒーの香り。

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Sound of San Francisco Author

Tomo Saito

Tomo is a San Francisco-based designer, photographer, and musician who is known for many amazing projects, like the creation of Japants for Betabrand and installations at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Tomo is also the creative director of The Tofu Project. He has an MFA from the California College of the Arts(CCA) and now hosts a creative residency space called The Dojo.

トモはSan Francisco在住のデザイナー、フォトグラファー、ミュージシャン。BetabrandのJapantsやアジア美術館でのインスタレーションなど多数のプロジェクトを行う。またトモはトウフ・プロジェクトのクリエイティブディレクターも務める。トモはカリフォルニア芸術大学(CCA)の修士号をもち、San Franciscoのクリエイティブ・レジデンシー「The Dojo」を主宰。