Sound of San Francisco – Rooftop dance party with Julia

January 21, 2015

My friend Julia is a girl who is a community building manager in Betabrand, a local fashion startup prodigy, and we play music together sometimes using some synthesizers, and also we go to the music shows. In a short, she is a music lover. When we have a conversation, there is moments that she pauses herself and I don’t know what she’s thinking (perhaps she’s thinking many things in her head), but in any case, she’s very kind and charming. Once I asked her if she wanted to play with C.24, she was stoked and said “Let’s do it at the roof of Betabrand!”

I visited her during her lunch time, and we pulled out the emergency stairs to go up to the roof. The roof had a great view of Sutra Tower next to the Twin Peaks in San Francisco.
It was so open and nice that it was hard to picture that was by the busy Valencia street. I was prepared with the perfect sound and beat for Julia, and I hooked them to C.24. She was very excited and started experimenting.

She is very charming but very dorky, which is very attractive in this city, and geeked on finding interesting sound and patterns. learn this here now I was seeking it and thought, “well, this person is actually really interesting!”, and thought of if I should ask her to form a band together, maybe.


彼女のランチタイムにBetabrandを訪ね、非常用の階段を引っ張り出して、San FranciscoのTwin Peaksの横にある有名なSutra Towerが見える屋上まで登っていく。そこはかなりがらんどう、としている屋上で気持ち良い。結構賑やかなValencia Streetの上だとは一瞬思わないくらいだ。僕は事前にJuliaのお好みの音を用意しておいたので、それをさっそくC.24とつなぐ。彼女はすぐに乗る気になって色々試し出した。

彼女はチャーミングなのにおバカな雰囲気丸出しで(アメリカではこういう子が実はモテる、少なくともSan Franciscoでは)、面白い音やパターンを探していく。それを見ながら思ったんだけど、「いや、やっぱりこいつ面白い!」と、何気にバンドにでも誘ってみようかな、とふと思ったり。

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Sound of San Francisco Author

Tomo Saito

Tomo is a San Francisco-based designer, photographer, and musician who is known for many amazing projects, like the creation of Japants for Betabrand and installations at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Tomo is also the creative director of The Tofu Project. He has an MFA from the California College of the Arts(CCA) and now hosts a creative residency space called The Dojo.

トモはSan Francisco在住のデザイナー、フォトグラファー、ミュージシャン。BetabrandのJapantsやアジア美術館でのインスタレーションなど多数のプロジェクトを行う。またトモはトウフ・プロジェクトのクリエイティブディレクターも務める。トモはカリフォルニア芸術大学(CCA)の修士号をもち、San Franciscoのクリエイティブ・レジデンシー「The Dojo」を主宰。