Sound of San Francisco – YAMO with Jeremiah

January 21, 2015

Jeremiah is a guy who is famous (for better or worse) for Hipsters around here, and also he is a dear friend whom you can’t hate. He always talked about the jokes, also talks about his dreams. He is basically a romantic and artistic guy. He has many hats as a chocolate products producer, a designer for sexy underwear, a fashion consultant, a musician, and he shows up everywhere.

We decided to go to lunch at Burma (Myanmar) cuisine cheep and delicious YAMO which is famous in Mission district. YAMO is like as dirty as the atmosphere of restaurants in Asian countries, and also the people who works there serves pretty bad service (or just being themselves that might look like “selfish”), but magically they have tons of customers during the lunch time.

So we went to YAMO, and began to play with C.24. Once I started photographing Jeremiah, the old lady shouted to me without looking at my eyes as “No camera!”  I was like, “What?” And she said again “No camera!”. So we started hiding my big caramel, and put my iPhone on the desk, and started guerrilla shooting Jeremiah using C.24. (Respecting the legacy of Spike Jonze)

It seemed like the old lady had noticed that we were shooting the video with iPhone, but they didn’t say anything since it was not obvious. We were feeling awkward but it was pretty fun. In any case, I’d like to summarize you can play C.24 anywhere you like, and here you see the documentation of our exciting visit to YAMO!



さっそく僕らはYAMOで、C.24をつかって遊び始めた。その風景を僕が撮影しようとすると、店員のおばちゃんは「カメラ、だめーだよ!」と僕の目を見ないで叫んだ。「え?」というともう一度「カメラ、だめーだよ!」と言う。それならばということで、僕とJeremiahはiPhoneを隠しカメラとして利用して、ゲリラ撮影を行うことにした!(Spike Jonzeらの伝統を引き継いで。)


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Sound of San Francisco Author

Tomo Saito

Tomo is a San Francisco-based designer, photographer, and musician who is known for many amazing projects, like the creation of Japants for Betabrand and installations at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Tomo is also the creative director of The Tofu Project. He has an MFA from the California College of the Arts(CCA) and now hosts a creative residency space called The Dojo.

トモはSan Francisco在住のデザイナー、フォトグラファー、ミュージシャン。BetabrandのJapantsやアジア美術館でのインスタレーションなど多数のプロジェクトを行う。またトモはトウフ・プロジェクトのクリエイティブディレクターも務める。トモはカリフォルニア芸術大学(CCA)の修士号をもち、San Franciscoのクリエイティブ・レジデンシー「The Dojo」を主宰。