Miselu C.24 Keyboard

  1. Keyboard Release Button
  2. Performance Groove
  3. Power / Unlink Button, LED Status Indicator
  4. micro-USB port
  5. iPad Magnetic Latch
  6. HEM cover, micro-USB Cable Storage
  7. Octave Shift Optical Sensor
  8. Sustain Optical Sensor

Recharging the Battery

  • The C.24 includes a lithium ion battery which should provide 20 hours of playing time. To recharge the C.24 connect the micro-USB port 4 to any compatible micro-USB charger using the included cable.

Using the C.24 as a cover for your iPad

  • The C.24 is designed to function as a cover for your iPad (2nd, 3rd & 4th generations) when not in use. To close and power off simply press on the rear shelf near the Keyboard Release Button. The shelf and keyboard will fold down, become flat and magnetically latch into place.
  • Attach the side of the iPad that does not have any tactile controls (audio volume, etc) to the iPad Magnetic Latch 5 and align the other side of the iPad with the rubber retention features of the C.24. The C.24 is not designed to protect your iPad from damage occurring from drops or other accidents, so please be careful when using as a cover. The felt bag that the keyboard was packaged in is designed to be re-used as a carrying case for your C.24 and iPad.

C.24 User Guide