Can I use the C.24 with iPad Mini, iPad Air…

  • While use as a case does not make sense, functionally as a keyboard everything works fine.

Does C.24 work with the first iPad

  • No, requires iOS7 or newer

Does C.24 work with iPad 2

  • Yes, you will need an Apple Camera Connection Kit, USB connection
  • When using via USB the KEY app is not compatible
  • You cannot group multiple keyboards

Can I use the C.24 with my iPhone?

  • The C.24 can be used wirelessly with the iPhone 4S or newer
  • Incompatible as case
  • iPhone does not fit in performance groove

Can I use the C.24 with my computer?

  • Yes, via USB as a class compliant USB MIDI controller
  • Wireless with Mac OS X Yosemite using Apple BLE MIDI
  • Configure with the Audio MIDI Setup Utility

iOS8 compatibility

  • with KEY
    • KEY is iOS8 compatible and supports all CoreMIDI applications that are compatible with iOS8.
  • With BLE MIDI apps
    • GarageBand, KORG Module, KORG Gadget, Finger PIano now support directly connecting to the C.24 via in app BLE MIDI support.
    • More apps will be available with direct BLE MIDI in the near future, as developers add support.

CoreMIDI endpoint (Garageband, etc)

  • Why do some apps appear in KEY and others do not?
    • Some apps do not create a CoreMIDI endpoint, so KEY does not see them. You can use the “Garageband (CoreMIDI Out) setting in applications for any app that does not appear in the list of applications in KEY.
  • Why do some apps allow launch from within KEY and others do not?
    • Some OMAC compatible applications allow launching
    • The majority of CoreMIDI apps do not support launching from KEY

Does the C.24 support MIDI velocity?

  • Yes

Does the C.24 support MIDI aftertouch?

  • Yes, monophonic and polyphonic

What is battery life?

  • 20 hours

What are the specs of the battery

  • Type: Lithium Ion
  • 3.7V, 1460mAh

How long does it take to charge the battery from empty to full?

  • approximately 4 hours using your Apple iPad charger with your micro USB cable

The Key app says “No information”, what do I do ?

  • First  remove the devices “- ” minus button, from the KEY app, then force quitting the KEY app, and restarting the iPad
  • Or deleting and reinstalling the KEY app.