iOS Software Installation and Configuration

  • Open Settings

    iOS Settings Application

  • Activate Bluetooth

    iOS Bluetooth Settings

  • Open App Store

    iOS App Store Application

  • Download and install Miselu KEY

    Miselu C.24 on the App Store

C.24 Wireless Setup

  • Launch the KEY application
  • Press the Keyboard Release Button 1 the keyboard will raise and power on, the Power / Unlink 3 LED should blink blue indicating the keyboard is ready to connect via Bluetooth.
  • Click the + in DEVICES

    Miselu C.24 Key App

  • Click the + for your C.24

    Miselu C.24 Key App

  • The Power / Unlink 3 LED should stop blinking and change color to indicate that you are now connected to this device. For multiple devices, repeat step.

Selecting an iOS Application to Play

  • From the iOS Home Screen launch the CoreMIDI application you would like to use.
  • In Miselu KEY, click the + in the Applications div.
  • You should see your application listed there, click the + next to your app.
  • Miselu C.24 Key App
  • If your application is not listed, click the + next to GarageBand.
  • Demo Piano is an instrument installed during the Miselu KEY installation. If you do not have any CoreMIDI applications, or if you just want to play a piano you can use this application.
  • Return to your application to play. If background audio in your application is enabled, you can also play it from the Miselu KEY app.
  • A list of compatible CoreMIDI applications is available at

Using C.24 as a USB MIDI Controller

  • In the underside of the Hardware Expansion Module Cover 6 is a micro-USB cable.
  • Using the Apple Camera Connection Kit (not included) you can connect the C.24 to an iPad. Connect the micro-USB cable from the port 4 on the back of the keyboard to the Apple Camera Connection Kit which plugs into the 30-pin or Lightning connector of the iPad.
  • Launch the CoreMIDI application you would like to play.
  • Operation varies between applications, in some cases your C.24 will play immediately after connecting the cables. In some applications you will need to open the MIDI preferences and select the C.24 as a MIDI input. Please refer to MIDI setup instructions for your application.
  • The Miselu KEY application does not support USB operation.

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